Happy Birthday 2016

Happy New Year!!  Wishing 2016 a great birthday and hoping she will be a great year.  I tried my hand at doing an “inlay” card.  This is a bit time consuming but I LOVE the results.  As you can see instead of just glueing the individual letters to the card, I inserted them into the card base and overlapped them.  Cool effect!

Available now at my Etsy shop:Inlaid greeting card

inlay card

Happy Birthday 2016

inlay close up

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 2016

  1. I love this card as well, Beth thank you for sharing it with my friends & I! FYI John, I agree on the papyrus (but what you dont know – is that I also use tha name for card business -so lol – I agree in regards to both of them)

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    • I will put this type of inlaid word card on my etsy shop today. Do you think happy birthday or thanks would be popular? And since they’re labor intensive, they are going to be a bit more than my usual $3.50 card prices.


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