Leap Day

Yay! It is leap year day! an extra day to spend enjoying life! And what better way to enjoy it other that being festive.  I even got my first leap day card in the mail (thanks Nancy). March is right around the corner – St. Patrick’s Day, first day of spring, and this year Easter is in March too.  Good news is that folks are taking advantage of this leap day with awesome sales.  Including Everyday Holiday Shop.  Check out the sale on spring and Easter decor along with seasonal fun too. 

Hope you get out there and enjoy your extra day or at least get online and shop some awesome sales.  I am going over to the Hero Arts site to take advantage of their 29% sale today.


Growing up and living in Southern California all my life seasons were marked by looking on the calendar not necessarily at the sky.  Sure it was a little cooler in the winter and a little wetter (very little) in the spring, and of course lovely and sunny in the summer.  I never really experienced fall at all.  But after living for 8 years in Northern California, I did get the idea that seasons do happen and can be quite beautiful.  I remember my first fall in our home where the trees turned brilliantly orange and yellow.  But now I am back in the sunny (almost always 72 degrees) and have to once again rely on the calendar to get excited for the seasons to change.  So I thought I would whip up some fun decor to remind me of the up coming Spring (soon per Phil) and soon to follow Summer.  Check them out at my etsy shop heremerged image

Mardi Gras Celebration

I’m headed ‘down south’ tomorrow just in time for Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras).  I won’t actually be in bourbon street or even New Orleans but coming close to catch the spirit of the celebration.  In honor I made some cards to capture the feeling.  Hope you are thinking of enjoying a feast and perhaps listening to some jazz.  Shake it up!!  And look out Georgia – here I come. Can’t wait to play with my sweet grandkids who will be off school for much of my visit. Yeah!mardi gras


Funny how I send out groundhog day cards to my friends and family every year since I live in sunny southern california where the weather is almost perfect all year round. Even my new card friend, Donna, who lived on the east coast her whole life had never received one before!  But something about a silly rodent predicting the weather make my festive self smile.  So here’s the card I sent.  Love the cute shaker “sun” and lil grey clouds.  Oh and P.S. – Phil did NOT see his shadow today so YAY a quick spring is on the way (she types wearing flip flops – lol).