Dads, Grads, and Bridal Fads

I just attended a family wedding with a Renaisance Theme.  However, I have found that all weddings have one thing in common no matter the fad, the happy couple.  And the best way to wish them congratulations can be a simple card with a fine piece of plastic inside.  Check out my Etsy Shop for a cute bridal card that would be perfect.

So I think I have covered the dads and bridal needs for you this June. But let’s not forget the GRADS. This cute shaker card is sure to bring a smile to your graduate.  The pun “the tassel is worth the hassle” makes me smile.


It Takes Someone Special to be a DAD

So I was lucky enough to have TWO dad figures in my life; my biological dad who gave me his great straight hair, beautiful blue eyes, weekly visits with cracker jacks and office supplies;  and my uncle who gave me the best part of his life raising me.  Dads (poppa, father, daddy, uncle, step-dad) come not only with many names but different versions.  Some are Mr. Mom with totally hands on experience (I see my son is taking on this version) and some work long hours and only get a few precious hours a day to see and love their lil ones (a shout to my son-in-law). Some are lucky enough to see them grow up to be dad’s themselves. (Yay Grandparents Rule!). But all of them try their best to instill good habits, goals, and a vision for our lives.

Knowing that most of you want to thank the dad types in your life (Fathers Day is June 19), I have created a few items available in my Etsy Shop to let them know how much you love them and appreciate all the hard work.  From a simple coffee card (ready for your gift card), to a  wood block salute to his special day,  or even to these awesome personalized display hammers.  

two phrases

Thanking Others

I know that thanksgiving is in November and that’s when most folks think thankful thoughts, but for me, May and June are also the best time of year for thanking.  We thank our moms, grandmothers, daughters who give us grandchildren and other “mom” types in May. And it’s pretty easy to thanks those ladies.  Flowers, candy, dinner out – boom done.

But as we turn around and it do all over again for all those guys in June, sometimes the perfect gift escapes us. So I expanded my line of “thanks a latte” cards to include those helpful guys: dads, the uncles, the grandfathers, and sons who give us grandchildren. Heck you could even use these to thank your co-workers, realtors, gardeners, handymen, and teachers.  And the best part is all you have to do is buy a coffee card and visit my Etsy Shop to get-r-done. all four