It Takes Someone Special to be a DAD

So I was lucky enough to have TWO dad figures in my life; my biological dad who gave me his great straight hair, beautiful blue eyes, weekly visits with cracker jacks and office supplies;  and my uncle who gave me the best part of his life raising me.  Dads (poppa, father, daddy, uncle, step-dad) come not only with many names but different versions.  Some are Mr. Mom with totally hands on experience (I see my son is taking on this version) and some work long hours and only get a few precious hours a day to see and love their lil ones (a shout to my son-in-law). Some are lucky enough to see them grow up to be dad’s themselves. (Yay Grandparents Rule!). But all of them try their best to instill good habits, goals, and a vision for our lives.

Knowing that most of you want to thank the dad types in your life (Fathers Day is June 19), I have created a few items available in my Etsy Shop to let them know how much you love them and appreciate all the hard work.  From a simple coffee card (ready for your gift card), to a  wood block salute to his special day,  or even to these awesome personalized display hammers.  

two phrases

2 thoughts on “It Takes Someone Special to be a DAD

  1. Wow, so true, dad’s come in all sizes, like my son-in-law, Don who stepped in to be a great dad to FIVE, count em, 5 kids. My other son-in-law, Wes, took on the challenge of two pre-teen twin boys, and last, but certainly not least, who adopted my two infant girls. Wow, dads ARE awesome!


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