Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras is just a few weeks away.  And whether you are hosting a party, or going to an event, I have created some unique party decor just for you.  These can be used as fun photo prop against a backdrop or scattered on the table for decor.  And if you happen to be bringing the King Cake, these can be the best cake topper ever.  Check it out at my shop TODAY. Price reduced just in time.



Never Late

It is a joke in my family on how I NEVER can stand to be late. Not for meeting folks late, not for getting to theater late, and definately not getting to a restaurant late.  LOL

But I realize we are not all me (thank goodness) and for those who might have let the pending Valentine’s day count down sneak up on you, I have the perfect gift idea.

You have till 2/7 to order, receive in mail, pop in gift card and get it mailed out to your sweethearts. Or if you are just handing them the card, you can even stall till 2/9. So you now have no excuse to be late with-gift-cardgetting the perfect gift!