About ME

I am festive – probably cuz my Aunt Lindy (who raised me) was festive.  She had decor for every holiday so of course that rubbed off on me.  I love to design holiday decor and seasonal greeting cards for my friends and family.  Please note I do sell my items at my Etsy shop.


2018 me

I also love my cat.  Some days she will even blog for me.  Her name is Kinky (a nickname she acquired at the shelter after an unfortunate accident involving the tip of her tail).  Watch for her photos on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by – Beth Gerbs

One thought on “About ME

  1. Beth,, you asked about using a regular laminator. Jennifer McGuire has several Youtube videos using foils. The one I like best about laminator foiling is Foil Die cuts – 3 Ways


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