Be Wise – Sanitize!

Looks like were in this for the long haul. So to make things a bit less stressful, I designed a way for you to get to your sanitizer quickly and with some style. A super fun and handy neoprene holder with a refillable bottle for your own special sanitizer blend. Can be attached to your keys, backpack, purse, or messenger bag.

Comes in lots of fun colors and you can personalize with a name or monogram or sassy saying. Check them out at my Etsy shop.

Oh Snap

Since we’re all cooped up let’s take the time to send some cheer via snail mail. Check out my newest greeting card. It is a nod to the old time “Polaroid” type cameras and the tiny lil photos they made. You can send a smile to a loved one AND include your photo or their photo or a photo of the two of you. “Shoot” on over to my store and see how to order.


Handy Dandy

You know that feeling when you need your lipstick after dinner? Or your chapstick while driving?  …. but you can’t find it in the bottom of your bag?  If only there was a convenient and handy way to access it.  And look stylish too?  Just check out this new item in my Etsy shop.

A colorful neoprene holder that clips to your purse, gym bag or jean loop.  These can be personalized with a name – great for upcoming Mother’s day. Can hold a thumb drive (attach to your work bag). Comes in several colors too.  Handy lobster clasp easily attaches. Or use the attached ring as a key fob.

Personalized Chapstick Holders with FREE shipping!

Movie Excitement

Now that the Oscar’s are over perhaps there are a few movies you missed or want to see again.  Or perhaps you want to gift a movie to a neighbor or friend for their birthday. And how perfect would that be for an anniversary gift? So go get that movie gift card (you can even buy it online) and pop it in my cute popcorn box greeting card.  Let me know if I can make it more special by personalizing it with the recipients names. Visit my Etsy shop today!enjoy the show

FINALLY – longer days coming

I am so over it getting dark late afternoon, and with winter solstice over, we can finally expect a little more daylight each day.  So to help deal with all the extra daylight (lol) I have a great gift idea for your loved one (hint- Valentines day is 7 weeks away).

Use my cool sleeping eye masks to create a good sleep environment, eliminate fatigue, and is great for students and other worker bees to take a nap.  Or just to keep it dark for better sleep at night.  It even helps those who suffer from migraines and need to just be in the dark to feel better.

They come in a variety of colors and designs – and if you want to have it be extra special, you can ask me to create what you want. Check it out at my Everyday Holiday Shop on Etsy. IMG_8754

Perfect Gift Idea (for you know who)

Everyone has that certain someone that is hard to buy for – – you know who you are (by the way)!!  They either say, I don’t need anything or they go out and buy it for themselves right before the holidays!  Grrrrrrr…. But, giving the gift of movie tickets is perfect cuz, well, everyone likes going to the movies don’t they?  And as long as your getting them a movie theater gift card, here is the cutest way to give it to them. Check out my enJOY the MOVIE greeting card. Available in my Everyday HOLIDAY shop at Etsy. And hey, maybe they’ll invite you to the movies too.


Mirror Mirror on the wall (or in my purse)

Are you thinking of “booing” a friend or neighbor for Halloween? Or thanking your new carpool friend? Maybe sending a lil something to that teacher, yoga instructor, class mate for being there for you? And of course you want to honor all those strong women in your lives who have battled cancer. The “Thanks for Giving” season coming soon.  Well I have a lil something that would be perfect.  Very practical, very economical and very personal (especially when you choose the perfect thing to say).  Check out my compact mirrors.  

I have SEVERAL October birthdays (all girls) in my family and I plan on making some for them.  Perfect for Sweetest Day (10/16) or a Welcome Fall Y’all gift, and even Halloween (I’m thinking a cute pumpkin face) and as always Thanksgiving hostess gift.  Pop over to my Etsy shop for more ideas.  And come on sweater weather – I am ready to get out of these shorts and flip flops.

Mother’s Day Thoughts

This year on May 12 we will be honoring our moms, grandmothers, nana’s, step moms, foster moms … well you get my drift.  Those all important ladies who mold us, inspire us, guide us, and yes, party with us to make us better people.  I have a suggestion to help you send them shopping. All the way to their favorite store for some fun time. Maybe they will let you go along.  And stop for lunch. You can treat.

I created this cute purse shaped greeting card that can be personalized with her name or whatever floats your boat. It can be for a birthday or other special occasion.  There’s room inside for your sentiment and a place to include a gift card or money. Check it out at my Etsy shop.  Purchase by May 5 to ensure time for shipping.


Easy Peasy Holiday Shopping

Why stress about shopping on black friday? who needs to stay up all night, get trampled in those crowds to buy the perfect gift? I’ve got you covered right here.  Just make a list and leisurely pick up needed gift cards right in the grocery store when shopping for your turkey.  Then head over to my Etsy shop to get the perfect gift card holder for all. 

A super cute coffee cup works for most of your list as who doesn’t like coffee, tea or sweet treats? Perhaps a die hard mall shopper friend would enjoy a gift card to her favorite lingerie shop. And for him – a manly tape measure card to hold a hardware store gift card.  For the whole family? a night at the movies of course. Just pop in that movie ticket gift card in my savory popcorn style card.

I’ve got you covered my friends. Your welcome! Just click here to visit my shop for other great gift ideas.