Growing up and living in Southern California all my life seasons were marked by looking on the calendar not necessarily at the sky.  Sure it was a little cooler in the winter and a little wetter (very little) in the spring, and of course lovely and sunny in the summer.  I never really experienced fall at all.  But after living for 8 years in Northern California, I did get the idea that seasons do happen and can be quite beautiful.  I remember my first fall in our home where the trees turned brilliantly orange and yellow.  But now I am back in the sunny (almost always 72 degrees) and have to once again rely on the calendar to get excited for the seasons to change.  So I thought I would whip up some fun decor to remind me of the up coming Spring (soon per Phil) and soon to follow Summer.  Check them out at my etsy shop heremerged image

Mother’s Day – May 10

For some people, Mother’s day is a hard holiday.  Either their mom’s are gone, or estranged, or there are too many moms in their circle – mother’s in laws, ex’s, “the all knowing” mothering types, etc.  But for most of the world, Mother’s Day is special.  Time to acknowledge the love, care, patience (albeit veiled at times), and TIME Mom’s give to their young. This is why I designed a special mother’s day item for my ETSY shop which reflects the TIME – literately!

A canvas clock that expresses YOU ARE LOVED – ALL OF THE TIME.  Doesn’t that say it all? And it can be gifted to anyone who have taken the time to give you love, care, a listening ear, a hug, etc.  So pop over to my shop when you can and check it out. side ways

Easter Blessings

Easter was always a fun time growing up.  It meant a new hat and a new pair of shoes.  Always white. Like a clean slate. And sometimes even a new purse.  After church we would ‘find’ hidden treasures (candy candy candy).  When I grew up I instilled some fun memories in my kids too.  Church, picnic in the park, and our beloved KITE WARS.

I love the feeling of renewal in Spring especially during Easter.  Here is my homage to this holiday.  It showcases my “blocks that talk”. They can be used for any festive event or holiday.

easter blocks