Valentines Day is almost here

Hard to believe that it is just over a month away for HEART DAY.  I have already put up my valentines decor (love that red and black).  And best of all – my early bird approach is going to make you smile too.  In my Etsy shop I have three wonderful ways to show your love some love.

First a  manly tape measure card that holds a gift card from any hardware store – a sure way to his  heart.

Next I fashioned an awesome popcorn box perfect for popping a movie house gift card inside. Good for family, friends or that special move date.

Lastly a great idea for mom.  A cute coin purse for your shopping momma.  Just put in a gift card from her favorite store.

Now you can say “thank you” for making your Valentines Day shopping a breeze.


Festive Phrases

So I am the type of crazy person who puts her Christmas decor away the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Probably started this habit cuz it was easier to do it while I was off work that week, but now I do it cuz it makes me happy to have that ‘clean slate’ to decorate for the new year.

In that vein, I made some festive phrases blocks.  These cute blocks actually reverse to say two messages.  SO I put my Winter Wonderland one up with my New Year’s Eve decor (clocks pointing to midnight, toasting glasses, party hats, noise makers) and after that but before February, I will flip it to Home Sweet Home.

If you would be interested, I have one left in my Etsy shop for sale.  Hurry! And get that Christmas decor boxed up!


Hybrid Gift Shopping

So I have merged the convenience of online shopping with the thrill of being with shoppers in the stores.  Check out my Etsy shop for some great new gift card holders. Buy them from my shop and then head out to get those gift cards.

First I have updated last year’s popular coffee shop gift card holder, now expresso(ing) a latte holiday. It is a smart white cup with the familiar craft sleeve and a place to add your gift card.  And who doesn’t love a coffee shop gift card?

Next I have crafted a cute lil coin purse for her.  Just add a gift card from her favorite shopping spot and you’re good to go.  So convenient for co-workers, secret santa and even stocking stuffers. If you don’t know where she shops, just get a generic visa card.

Lastly, for that hard to shop for GUY on your list.  An awesome tape measure that can hold a gift card from any hardware store.  PERFECT for him. He can buy just what he wants.

Happy Holidays!


Back To School

I suppose some kids are happy to return to school.  And there are those kids who are sad summer is almost over.  I personally love this time of year cuz I love buying new school supplies.  It’s the nerd in me, but a new notebook or special mechanical pencil floats my boat.

A long long long time ago I was a teacher aide in an elementary school.  And although I loved it – the first part of the school year was always the hardest.  Kids getting into a routine after months of relaxing, setting up classrooms to inspire students and the actual day to day lunch duty (ugh!).  Oh how I would have loved a lil parent love at the beginning of the school year.

teacher cardSo I am offering this fun way to “show a latte love” to teachers, aides, coaches, mentors, or carpool folks.

All you need to add is a coffee shop gift card. Check it at my Etsy shop.

Be sure to let me know how to personalize it with their name.

And go buy some school supplies – if not for yourself, to donate to your local school.


Camp Crafting

I’m just about ready to leave for our annual camping trip.  Each year I usually try to bring a fun craft project for the group to help us all relax a bit.  This year I am showing them how to make these hammered copper bracelet cuffs.  Each one is hand stamped with names or words of choice.  For my example, I decided to stamp the names of my four grandchildren. I love how these turned out – very boutique style.  I want to share this fun item with others so I am offering them on my Everyday Holiday Etsy shop.  Check them out here

all four b+w

Dads, Grads, and Bridal Fads

I just attended a family wedding with a Renaisance Theme.  However, I have found that all weddings have one thing in common no matter the fad, the happy couple.  And the best way to wish them congratulations can be a simple card with a fine piece of plastic inside.  Check out my Etsy Shop for a cute bridal card that would be perfect.

So I think I have covered the dads and bridal needs for you this June. But let’s not forget the GRADS. This cute shaker card is sure to bring a smile to your graduate.  The pun “the tassel is worth the hassle” makes me smile.


It Takes Someone Special to be a DAD

So I was lucky enough to have TWO dad figures in my life; my biological dad who gave me his great straight hair, beautiful blue eyes, weekly visits with cracker jacks and office supplies;  and my uncle who gave me the best part of his life raising me.  Dads (poppa, father, daddy, uncle, step-dad) come not only with many names but different versions.  Some are Mr. Mom with totally hands on experience (I see my son is taking on this version) and some work long hours and only get a few precious hours a day to see and love their lil ones (a shout to my son-in-law). Some are lucky enough to see them grow up to be dad’s themselves. (Yay Grandparents Rule!). But all of them try their best to instill good habits, goals, and a vision for our lives.

Knowing that most of you want to thank the dad types in your life (Fathers Day is June 19), I have created a few items available in my Etsy Shop to let them know how much you love them and appreciate all the hard work.  From a simple coffee card (ready for your gift card), to a  wood block salute to his special day,  or even to these awesome personalized display hammers.  

two phrases